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Seafood Industry

Fishing operations that sell fish and seafood commodities off the boat and harvesters and growers of all seafood commodities, including shellfish (molluscs, crustaceans, and echinoderms), and cephalopods, that sell to restaurants and other food service operations, directly and/or indirectly, that hold a valid Federal and/or State, County or City license/permit, will be allowed to sell and/or process the above named seafood products directly to the end consumer, when following the requirements outlined below, while the COVID19 restrictions are in place. All processing must be conducted in a licensed or permitted facility. Processing may not be conducted at a residence. This two-week Interim Guidance has been extended through June 15, 2020. This date will continue to be re-evaluated and extended when deemed necessary by the licensing and/or permitting Government Agency.

Restaurants looking to take advantage of this interim guidance can do so immediately but only if already permitted by their local health department. Restaurants do not need to contact the Department of Agriculture and Markets or the Department of Health for authorization or an inspection prior to operating under this guidance. Restaurants should contact their local health department permit issuing official if they have questions specific to their facility.

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